You're a rideshare driver in midtown, Manhattan. Fares are waiting, traffic is backed up for days, and one-way street signs are starting to look like mere suggestions. Manage your two vehicles as you pick up and deliver passengers from every corner of the map to iconic destinations within New York City. You'll need a great mix of strategy and opportunism to get everyone where they need to go faster than your opponents and become the most popular rideshare service in town. Choose to transport one passenger at a time or double-up on fares for a lower return. Accumulate and use action cards that allow you to ignore traffic, drive backwards on one-way streets, and even change your riders' destinations.

The game board is patterned after the actual streets of Manhattan and includes popular destinations most travelers have visited.

Designed by Nate & Jake Jenne

Ages: 12 and up

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes

Players: 2 - 4